Bizhiki Culture & Dance Company Services

Exhibition and Performances

The dedicated professionals of BCDC engage audiences of all ages through intricate stories, traditional and contemporary dance and song guiding participants to a better understanding of cultural resiliency and revitalization. In these interactive and educational exhibitions, guests will learn about several styles of powwow dancing Men’s Traditional, Grass, Woodlands, and Fancy, and Women’s Traditional, Jingle and Fancy. Guests will also learn about some of powwow cultures traditional and contemporary songs. These exciting performances conclude with an opportunity to see and participate in the seasonal animal and harvest dances.   


Food Sovereignty and the traditional food ways of Indigenous communities have sustained many generations of healthy communities. Through individual workshops designed to retrace original roots, our cultural educators share the history, harvesting methods and processing of these original forms of subsistence.


Contemporary Indigenous Arts

Many of these practices are rooted in traditional teachings and methodology. Explore one or more of the various Indigenous art topics listed below and learn some of the history, traditional methods, and contemporary methods utilized today.

Drum Making


Ribbon Skirt Making

Applique Sewing

Star Quilt Sewing

Hide Working

Tribal Sovereignty

Treaties and Tribal Sovereignty have shaped the present day landscape as we know it. This set of presentations highlights the history, and insight into Ojibwe perspectives of land and environment and provides participants a better understanding of traditional law and original concepts of sovereignty. 

Ojibwe Lifeways

Explore the lifeway of Ojibwe communities, both present and past. Traditional Ecological Knowledge is a pillar of understanding the environment for Ojibwe Nations that have existed for many generations. Learn about traditional law and the guiding principles that have made Ojibwe communities so resilient and also leaders in the environmental protection and sustainability.

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